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    A Fretter in Your Cap

    A Fretter in Your Cap

    The weather is turning colder and a little bit wet around the edges of Storm Ali as it blows across the UK, what could be better than a nice warm beanie. Or sixty.

    That's right SIXTY. Six. Zero. Which just happens to be the exact number of different colours our range of beanie hats come in

    And if that's not enough choice for you, then how about getting some embroidery on them? Maybe the Blood Bond logo, or perhaps Beadageddon! Either way you get fifteen choices of thread colours, bringing your total options up NINE HUNDRED options.

    Well, okay it's actually slightly less, as you wouldn't want black embroidery on a black beanie, but NINE HUNDRED sounds so much more dramatic than 840-ish, doesn't it?

    Beardageddon Dammit Meg tank top

    Oh and speaking of Beardageddon we are celebrating the real life wookie's return from South Africa with some new designs for our favourite Twitch Pro. Starting with a commemorative  shirt for his solo slaying of the might Sea of Thieves megalodon.

    Yes, that's a tank top, but don't worry we also do the regular sleeved version as well, as we wouldn't want to be accused of being sleeve-ist. Oh and hoodies and sweaters, and lady shirts, and youth shirts. The normal range in other words.

    Beardageddon Gold Logo official merchandise shirt

     That's not all as due to popular demand we've also added some garments featuring the full Beardageddon logo in all it's piratey goodness. 

    Which is, of course, available in all the usual sizes, colours and with all the sleeves you could want. Long sleeves, shorts sleeves or even no sleeves. That's how un-sleeve-ist we are when it comes to those beardy pirate types.

    And yes, sleeve-ism is a thing, not something I just made up.

    Now, you remember I told you we had a new partner coming up but that I couldn't show you anything? Well, I still can't, even though we do now have some fantastic items ready, from both our own design team and from Destructive Creations (they are our new partners) themselves, apparently I have to wait until the big launch before showing them.

    Still, you will notice that we now have a merchandise page for Ancestors Legacy, live even though there's nothing actually on it as yet but that will give you an idea as to what is coming your way. Just as long as the social media team don't go an steal the fretday thunder again.

    Oh and if I wasn't still teasing you about one new partner joining our happy little Fretshirt family, then there are rumours that we may have not just another one, but an entire group of them all joining at once. Not that I can tell you anything about that either so here's a less-than-subtle hint as I waffle on.

    Finally, for this week, there's another rumour going around - Is it odd that we have so many rumours when there's only four of us here? - that we are going to be getting some brand new, state of the art tech soon.

    Okay, so it's probably only me that gets excited by that, but still.

    Until we fret again.


    Putting Your Fret to the Test

    Putting Your Fret to the Test

    We're feeling all nostalgic here at Fretshirt HQ this week, if for no better reason that to give me something to blog about!

    So, settle back into the legacy of your ancestors - you'll see what I did there a bit later - and I'll begin.

    TV test card Black T-shirt Fretshirt.com

    Way, way back in a time before the Interweb, and all all the other digital do-dahs and whatsits - Hope that's not to technical for you? - we have now, there was Television.

    Not much television though here in the UK. Just three channels until the imaginatively named Channel 4 started in 1982 and then they only broadcast for around twelve hours a day. Coming on at just before lunch and then going off before midnight with a quick blast of "God Save the Queen!".

    Okay, so by now, you're probably thinking what has this got to do with your favourite  T-shirt printing company in 2018, well, hang on, because I'm coming to that.

    Now where was I?... Oh yes...

    With so much dead air to fill what did the broadcasters do?

    They showed test cards. The idea being that people could tune in their televisions by twiddling knobs, and bending wire aerials into bizarre shapes using the card as a guide.  Which is just what we do here at Fretshirt.com.

    No twiddling or bending, and no televisions either, come to that, but always testing, with, what else, but a test card.

    Yes, that's right, we use the pictured test card design whenever we need to check how are DTG printers are doing as all those tiny lines, and vivid colours boarding each other, will show you just how procise a printer, or more accurately the print head, is .

    And so ends today's lesson in how to fill out a blog post with random facts and information.

    Now, for those of you who made it this far, we have some actual news.

    We have a new partner.

    Ancestors Legacy Logo

    Please welcome Destructive Creations and their squad-based, tactical real time strategy game Ancestors Legacy to the Fretshirt merchandise family.

    There's nothing to show you as yet, but there's some great designs being worked on, and more importantly I got to announce it before the Social Media team, which is all that matters. Not that it's a contest or anything!

    Until we Fret Again.

    All the Jackets You Can Fret

    All the Jackets You Can Fret

    Xavier's School X-men Fretshirt.com

    A little quiet this week as the world's kids return to school and all the adults breath a sigh or relief and enjoy the silence.

    Still, that gives those of us at Fretshirt HQ to work on some more new items.

    Yes, I know I say that most weeks, but it's what we do, which is why we have so many brilliant designs.

    Anyway, we've managed to source a great range of American style Varsity jackets. that come in a range of eighteen colour combinations which should be enough for everyone.

    We've not decided exactly what we're going to do with them yet, so for now they are only available without decoration, but there's great scope for some large scale printing, or even vinyl on the back, and / or smaller vinyl or embroidery on the front chest. Perhaps even something on the sleeves. Who knows what will happen once we let our designers loose on them?

    Oktoberfest Ladenhosen all over print shirt

    Away from that, those of you who are observant - which is all of you or you wouldn't be here - will have noticed that the Oktoberfest collection has been promoted to the top of the front page so you know that must be coming up shortly. (No, it isn't actually in October!)

    Don't worry though if you're not a fan of the German festival as we're not far from Halloween, we've updated that section as well.

    And if it's not too early to mention what is known as the C-word in our building, we've already started adding Christmas designs.

     Oh, and there's some upcoming news about a brand new Indie Game Dev Partner coming up, probably next week, or if you can't wait that long, don't forget you can always check our twitter to find out what we are up to.

    Until we Fret Again.

    Summer is Fretting Away

    Summer is Fretting Away

    Sumer Loading All over sublimation print Fretshirt.comThe Summer Bank Holiday has been and gone with the last day of August upon us, which means we are now starting on the official run down to Christmas, and our busiest time of the year here at Fretshirt HQ so these blogs may end up getting shorter. (Stop cheering at the back!)

    But until then it is still officially summer until the 23rd September - even if the weather seems to be having an early go at Autumn - and most of the UK kids have yet to return to school (Sorry young Scottish people!) so let's make the most of it shall we before we need to get those winter woollies out of the closet?

    So, anyway, how was your summer?

    We had some great weather, did some wonderful things and yet some of us still had time off to go to festivals, travel, or even stay at home. Still to each their own. I guess.

    Welsh Flag Wales Dragon Pencil Case Fretshirt.com

    Meanwhile the rest of us bought you some new sublimation bags, and pencil cases which you Welsh fretters clearly couldn't get enough of as you are still ordering them along with early Oktoberfest items.  So, Diolch for that. (That's Welsh for Thank You - I hope!)

    But... what is going to be next?

    Well, there's some new partners on the horizon but as usual I can't tell you too much about them.

    There's also even more new products being worked out, but, again, I can't tell you about them or else you cup might run over, and I'd be a mug to do so.

    What? No there weren't any hints in that last paragraph. I told you I can't tell you about those things and I don't know why those certain words were in italics either!

    Until we fret again.




    Fretting Makes you xGladd.

    Fretting Makes you xGladd.

    German Ladenhosen All over print Fretshirt.com

    Quiet week at Fretshirt HQ with all the our Indie Game Dev partners all living it up at Gamescon over in Germany. (Not jealous - much!); Back to School coming to an end, and yet it's still too early for to get out our little  Oktoberfest leather shorts, or at least the all over print of the same.

    Still that does mean we get to give more attention to the latest addition to our happy little troop, the Twitch streamer xGladd.

    That's right we have even more Official Merchandise to share with all you lovely fretters, and what's more, some of it even glows in the dark.

    Don't worry though. We didn't find a bunch of radio-active spiders and tip them into our printers.This is top quality - well it would be we're using it - vinyl that's impressive in daylight, but will light your way at night.

    There are even optional additional sleeve designs you could add to make the shirt stand out even more.

    You Could Beer Mine Fretshirt.com


     In the meantime we continue to come up with beer related puns for Oktoberfest and that's before Halloween which we will be on us before we know it, and head straight into our busiest time of all. Yes, that's right more people buy t-shirts during the run up to Christmas than during the summer!

    Who says, you can't learn random facts from reading DTG - that's Direct To Garment for you newbies -  related blogs on the internet? Well, probably no one, but you can, as I've just proved. Possibly twice!

    Anyway, it's a Bank Holiday here on Monday - the last one before Christmas - so make sure you enjoy that if you can and we'll get cracking with all your orders on Tuesday, so you won't even know if we were in on Monday or not.

    Until we fret again.