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    It's Getting Too Busy to Fret

    It's Getting Too Busy to Fret

    Grumpy Santa Cat sweatshirt

    It's getting close to that time of year again with less than a week to go until the double whammy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday hit but don't you Fret about that as we at Fretshirt HQ are once more fully prepared for the onslaught.

    After all this isn't our first Christmas so we know what is coming, and the the BF/CM - as apparently we are meant to call it now - is only the beginning. It is the two weekends that follow when most people actually do their on line shopping.

    So, we have new machines installed, tested and running, just waiting for you realise Christmas is less than a month away, and you've yet to buy anything from your favourite t-shirt shop (that is fretshirt.com isn't it?)

    Rest ashured, yet again, we won't be turning anyone into a Grumpy Santa Cat, during the rush, just as we won't at any other time of the year.

    And, yes, I did just type all that just so I could shoehorn in a reference to one of our top selling Christmas designs but that doesn't mean it isn't true.

    Mashinky Steam Era T-shirt


    Of course, preparing to be run ragged isn't all we have been doing, for along with all the brand new Christmas designs we are adding, over in the merchandise section, Jan Zeleny's Mashinky page has started to fill up.

    First up is a shirt inspired by the naturally the game's first era of Steam.

    Then, just like in the game itself, will come designs for diesel and electric - a preview of one of those is at the head of this blog post (take that social media team - I got to do it first for once!) - to create a complete matching set.

    There are also pencil cases for the little train lovers amongst you, with full all over printed shirts to follow and some very effective  mix image shirts, that will make you want to just dive into the lush greenery of the industrial might, of the full on tycoon came that Mashinky is set to become. 

    Of course if you don't like to wear lavishly printed hi-resolution shirts then we have a rather subtle embroidered polo shirt that is much beloved by none other than Jan himself, and we're going to be adding an embroidered cap to that, once we've done some tests to see which style works best.

    Until we fret again.


    Another Train Pulls Into Fret Station

    Another Train Pulls Into Fret Station

    Star Wars Ugly Sweater Fretshirt.com

    All you eagle eyed Fretters probably noticed this as you were climbing aboard but just in case you missed your connection, I'll pretend you didn't, I'll tell you that yet another name has been added to the Fretshirt Merchandise signals. 

    Please welcome Jan Zeleny's Mashinky

    Now, before you ask - and you were going to, I can tell - Mashinky is a childish way to say train in Czech language, so naturally Mashinky is about trains. However it is also a challenging business management on beautiful lush maps which is going to make for some fantastic merchandise.

    Harry Potter Ugly Sweater Fretshirt.comOkay, so to keep things on track, I should probably point out the Mashinky station, is currently empty, but designs are due to pull in ery soon so keep an eye on that Arrivals Board. Naturally this makes Mashinky our second train based game after Train Valley 2, so I get to do a lot of railway related puns. So just like Pokemon, see if you can catch them all! (Hint: You may have missed some already!)

    What else has been going on?

    Well, the Christmas season is upon us here at Fretshirt HQ with the Ugly Sweater range seeming to be an earlier front runner in the "What Everyone is Ordering for Xmas" contest that I just made up. Just some of which are scattered around this blog. 

    Until we fret again.

    Tis the Season To Be Fretting

    Tis the Season To Be Fretting

    Halloween is over for another year so I hope you all got to enjoy your Laderhosen T-shirts which for one were evenly split between the standard DTG and the all over print versions.

    So now we head into that little bit of a lull before THE season hits, and everyone at Fretshirt HQ starts running around like the turkey's burning, just to ensure you all get your presents on time.

    Yes, that's what we do, even giving up our own present buying time, so you can pretend you didn't just buy the first thing you saw (man) or look at everything and then bought the first thing you saw (women).

    Naturally as one of the UK's leading online retailer, we know everything about what our customers do as we did the research. Or we just made it up. Not sure which. But one of those!


    All you regular visitors to fretshirt.com would have noticed the recent changes to the front page and that we have reverted back to our standard "Welcome..." banner, just as we have over on our twitter profile.

    Why no Christmas banner yet?

    Well I'm glad you asked or else this next bit wouldn't have made any sense.

    Truth is, it's not quite ready yet, but when it is I'm sure you'll think it was well worth the wait.


    I don't actually know as I've not seen it yet. So we'll all just have to wait and see what the designer comes up with.

    In the meantime we have been adding a lot of new Christmas designs for you including the one that heads this post wishing you a Merry X-Morph. and of course there is a lot more to come. Starting with...

    Introducing our new range of Christmas Embroidery. Santa, Bells, Balls and three Rudolph's. Why three? Easy. We couldn't decide which one we liked best so we listed them all, and you get to choose which one will make it through to 2019. It's just like a reality TV show, only without the crying and everyone having to be on a "journey!" and with a contestant being deleted at the end like Bambi's Mum. Well Dad. 

     And on that thought, I shall leave you.

    Until we Fret again.


    Times Change But the Fret Doesn't.

    Times Change But the Fret Doesn't.

    It's that time of year again when the clocks change, but don't you fret about that, as it's the good one, where everyone gets to spend extra time in bed. Well in theory anyway.

    No time to rest here at Fretshirt HQ as the season of Fret-mass is almost upon us. Just a short Halloween warm up to finish next Wednesday and then it's all printers fired up for the Santa-Fest with the peak of Black Friday / Cyber Monday to deal with.

    Still not everything is about the Season - as we call it - at least not yet anyway.so we have some other news for you.

    First off we have a new partner joining out Merchandising section. 

    Please welcome the Dream Harvest studio with Neuroslicers.

    Okay so you'll note there's no links there, which is because this news is so new, there's nothing I can actually show you yet but when there is you'll be the first to know and at least I get to make the first announcement before the Twitter team.

    That's not all either, as there's another potential partner about to be confirmed. 

    Obviously I can't tell you about that yet, or give you any clues, and not just because it has a name that really doesn't lend itself to word play, but I will say. that it is, just waiting down a siding, to come into the great Fretshirt Station. We are just waiting for the whistle to be blown for it's departure in a cloud of steam. 

     And I think I'll leave that with you to figure out.

    Until we Fret Again

    Updates. Updates. Everywhere There's Fretting Updates.

    Updates. Updates. Everywhere There's Fretting Updates.

    So did you all enjoy last week's Blog?

    What do you mean you didn't think there was one?

    Of course there was. We do one every Friday at 12:30, you know that!

    I certainly wrote one. Did pictures and everything. Erm, it is quite possible that I might have forgotten to set the auto publish app to do it's thing. Only a possibility mind you.I'm not admitting anything.

    Still, look on the bright side, it means I get to put even more into this week's post - don't worry I've all ready set the auto post - so sit back and prepare yourself for some extra Fretting Waffle.

    And speaking of waffle - yes, I know. Smooth right -  we have added some fantastic all over prints for the Waffleverse featuring what else but your actual waffle patterns all hand crafted by our very own designer, in a variety of colours to suit your every waffling moment.

    Those you could have seen on our twitter feed, where you might have also caught sight of something much rarer in the Train Valley 2 contest winners shirts.

     These shirts are so exclusive they can't be seen in our Train Valley 2 store and can't actually be bought at all. 

    The only way to get one, is to win one of the now monthly design and build a level contests on Train Valley 2's Steam page. 

    What else has been happening this last week... erm... fortnight?

    Well you may be wondering what the title was about - you were weren't you? - if so then read on (this is the bit you would have read last week if... well...you know!).

    As well as both Oktoberfest and Halloween it wold seem this month is all about updates. Everyone is doing them. Want Examples? Okay then.

    Our wonderful partners Ancestors Legacy and Train Valley 2 both added additional free content to expand their core games, as did X-Morph Defense, bringing the Xbox version into line with the PC one. 

    Then there is Blood Bond Into the Shroud, which made into Early Access on steam, just as my last blog was going live and that offer of a free game key from the developers is still going, just see the graphic below for details.

    Meanwhile, over on the high seas of thieves, that old salty sea pirate, Beardageddon has only gone and had a total revamp of his entire twitch account, that is now awash in green and purple. All thanks to the greatly graphically gifted @JoBot8000 who  used to graces us with his very tall presence here at Fretshirt HQ, not that long ago. It's a small world of Fret, it really is. 

    Oh and we might be getting a new partner. No wait. Make that TWO partners. But, as always, I can't tell you anything about those, just yet.

    Finally, looks like we will be getting those tech upgrades, I mentioned a few posts back, for your printing pleasure, or mine anyway.

    Until we Fret Again.