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    The First FretBag of 2019

    The First FretBag of 2019

    Ah well, so here we all are again, all fresh and relaxed from the holiday, or two holidays, if like most of Fretshirt HQ you were hard at it between Xmas and New Year.

    Blood Blond Shopping Bag


    Still, only a few days of 2019 have passed and already we are starting to bring you some new wondrous things starting with an entire new range of sublimation bags for Blood Bond: Into the Shroud.

    W.R.K.S. Games' adventure title set in the land of Jordenheim is coming out of Early Access on Steam next month, complete with new branding and new logos. So naturally we've updated their Official Merchandise to match.

    But why just do that? Why not use some of their glorious in game vistas to make some new stuff. So we did.

    Blood Bond Pencil Case

    There's eight sizes over five styles, from shopping all the way down to a nifty little pencil case, all featuring hi-res concept art of Astrid on one, or both sides. And don't they look great? Of course they do. 

    Oh and speaking of great looking stuff, as I just was, How did everyone like their Christmas gifts?

    Very much, I would hope. But, fear not, if you made a boo-boo and got the size wrong, because someone just doesn't look that big or who'd have thought they were that small - those are actual customer quotes by the way - then you can always get them something either bigger or smaller, just take a look at our Returns Policy to see how to do it. 

    All the jingle ladlies t-shirt @ fretshirt,comAnd now some sad news.

    It is now, apparently, too late to bring you any exclusive footage of our manager doing the Single Ladies dance as promised back in the 20th November post - as he says we just didn't sell enough of the Jingle Ladies t-shirt he designed. Strange thing is, he won't say how many would have been enough. Can't think why. Still, maybe next year.

    Until We Fret Again.

    Merry Fret-Mass

    Merry Fret-Mass

    Everyone here at Fretshirt HQ would like to wish all our customers - the beloved fretters - and our friends / partners a very Merry Christmas (if you believe) or Happy Holidays if you don't .

    Sorry about the lack of blog posts in December, but it wasn't as if I didn't warn you, is it?

    As I predicted - yes I did - it's been yet another, busy yet productive season for us, and we hope you will all be as happy with your Fretshirts as we were to produce them for you?

    We'll be back 27th December to make all those garments that Santa didn't bring you, and with big plans.

    So Until we Fret again.

    Be Safe. Be Yourself & most of all, Be Happy.

    All that Jingles Isn't Fret

    All that Jingles Isn't Fret

    All the Jingle Ladies T-shirt at Fretshirt.com

    Well, all of us here at Fretshirt.com HQ made it through the first rush of the season, more or less okay

    I say "more or less" as we did loose one of our machines which just gave up the ghost this week and which will be terribly missed. At least until we get a replacement. :)

    In the meantime though we are unable to do All Over Print / Sublimation T-shirts, so we've temporarily removed them from our store. Bags and pencil cases remain however, so if you're looking for a stocking filler you know what to do?

    Tree Rex at Fretshirt.com

    Still, as always we carry on, doing what we do so despite getting all your Black Friday and Cyber Monday orders out we also have some new designs on offer made by our manager. (That isn't the only reason I'm featuring them, obviously!)

    Starting with a bit of Beyoncé Jiggling her ladies all over the place, before T-Rex crashes the party thinking he's a Christmas Tree (as you do!). 

    Now, here's the thing. If we sell enough of these our manager has promised to do the Single Ladies dance. Okay, so he doesn't actually know he's promised this, but that still counts right?

     Oh and don't forget: Our entire product range can now also be purchased through our Facebook Page, with Instagram to follow.

    Until We Fret Again.



    It's a Black FretDay before Cyber Monday

    It's a Black FretDay before Cyber Monday

    Train Valley 2 - Santa Train at Fretshirt.com

    So, here we are about to jump headlong into the busy season for us here at Fretshirt HQ in the lead up to Christmas.

    Still, don't worry we for as mentioned in last week's blog - which you read, right? - we are well prepared for it

    So with no further ado, it's time for our Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale and just see what we have in store - getit? - for you.

    Okay, so you've seen the headline graphic both here and on the main page of Fretshirt.com but here's the details in good old plain text for all you fretters to digest

    Just be quick about it as all the offers end the moment Cyber Monday turns into boring old no-preface Tuesday 27th November 2018.

    Buy 1 save 15% with code BFCM15
    Buy 2 save 20% with code BFCM20
    Buy 3 save 25% with code BFCM25
    Buy 4 save 30% with code BFCM30

    They're limited to one 1 code per transaction, but we've set them so you can use them as many times as you want on anything on our entire site, just not the Official Merchandise collections (sorry about that!).


    Full zipped Hoody xGladd Official Merchandise at Fretshirt.com

    Now, speaking of Official Merchandise - seamless link or what? - I have several additions to tell you about.

    First we have a brand new Christmas design for Train Valley 2 featuring exclusive artwork that you won't find anywhere else.

    That's right it was made by the game developer just for you Fretters. How cool is that?

    Also cool is the new full zipped hoodie we have available for our Twitch streaming friend xGladd.

    Mashinky Diesel Era Train - official merchandise at Fretshirt.com

    Not only that, at the request of his followers, we're going to start offering his entire range of regular hoodies, sweatshirts and even the full zipped hoodies, in Pink.  In fact we already are because that's the kind of helpful people we are. If enough people want something then we will make it happen.

    Meanwhile, over in Mashinky Merchandise we are following the progression of the game by adding a shirt featuring the concept artwork of the second train era, namely diesel and doesn't it look stunning?

    Look out for more Mashinky designs coming soon, including some exclusive artwork, as we know all you fretters, love a bit of exclusivity, don't you?

    Right then, best let you get back to your Black Friday shopping, just don't forget to enter those codes at the checkout.

    Until We Fret Again.


    It's Getting Too Busy to Fret

    It's Getting Too Busy to Fret

    Grumpy Santa Cat sweatshirt

    It's getting close to that time of year again with less than a week to go until the double whammy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday hit but don't you Fret about that as we at Fretshirt HQ are once more fully prepared for the onslaught.

    After all this isn't our first Christmas so we know what is coming, and the BF/CM - as apparently we are meant to call it now - is only the beginning. It is the two weekends that follow when most people actually do their on line shopping.

    So, we have new machines installed, tested and running, just waiting for you realise Christmas is less than a month away, and you've yet to buy anything from your favourite t-shirt shop (that is fretshirt.com isn't it?)

    Rest ashured, yet again, we won't be turning anyone into a Grumpy Santa Cat, during the rush, just as we won't at any other time of the year.

    And, yes, I did just type all that just so I could shoehorn in a reference to one of our top selling Christmas designs but that doesn't mean it isn't true.

    Mashinky Steam Era T-shirt


    Of course, preparing to be run ragged isn't all we have been doing, for along with all the brand new Christmas designs we are adding, over in the merchandise section, Jan Zeleny's Mashinky page has started to fill up.

    First up is a shirt inspired by the naturally the game's first era of Steam.

    Then, just like in the game itself, will come designs for diesel and electric - a preview of one of those is at the head of this blog post (take that social media team - I got to do it first for once!) - to create a complete matching set.

    There are also pencil cases for the little train lovers amongst you, with full all over printed shirts to follow and some very effective  mix image shirts, that will make you want to just dive into the lush greenery of the industrial might, of the full on tycoon came that Mashinky is set to become. 

    Of course if you don't like to wear lavishly printed hi-resolution shirts then we have a rather subtle embroidered polo shirt that is much beloved by none other than Jan himself, and we're going to be adding an embroidered cap to that, once we've done some tests to see which style works best.

    Until we fret again.